What Are Thermo Graphic Investigations?

Infrared Imaging of Home InspectionAn example of reflective heat would be looking at two buildings, where the suns heat is reflected off the window of one building and heats the wall of the other. This does not mean that the reflected energy will cause a problem but rather knowing that is the source of the energy will result in the determination of whether or not a problem exists. This is of great importance when trying to discover if there is an energy failure. Thermo graphic investigations are a non intrusive, visual examination to determine the differential of temperatures of a material resulting from transfer of radiated energy, by a number of factors such as by reflection, conduction or convection.

Thermal Home InspectionsConduction of heat is the transfer of the heat through solid material. This is exceptionally helpful to understand when looking for the source of energy loss. A metal exterior will transfer the energy, whether hot or cold easily to the interior components of the building. This can work in the reverse as well by transfer of the energy from interior to exterior. As for the detection of moisture sources, the generally cooler moisture vapor or liquid water in the case of a moisture intrusion question, will be evident as a pattern in the image taken of the floor, wall or ceiling surfaces.

Convection of heat can be the result of heating a liquid or gas and its affect on a surface. This is the principal of determination of a roof membrane failure or the lack of filling hollow concrete masonry units. Depending on the source of heating or cooling, the image will show light or dark depending on parameters of the imaging.

Infrared or thermal images when provided to the client can be used to determine a number of areas of concern within a building, whether it’s a small residence or a manufacturing plant. The report delivered will provide both a digital image and the associated IR image with a description of the area of concern, the potentials of and a recommendation for further action if required.

  • Energy efficiency of the building. This is of special concern to the owner with the high cost of energy use. Heat loss in connections of the ducting can add hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to the cost of heating and cooling of a building.
  • Determination of the effectiveness of radiant heating systems. Ceiling panel malfunctions or leaks within a liquid line located in the concrete slab floors.
  • The installation or lack thereof of wall and ceiling insulation.
  • Moisture intrusion at walls, ceilings, and floor surfaces that can lead to the growth of mold.
  • Ply separation on low slope roof systems or balconies.
  • Overheating electrical components.
  • In some cases it can even be used to locate subsurface piping.
  • In manufacturing plants an overheating of bearings can be detected long before a complete failure. This can seriously affect the bottom line if a motor goes out and the manufacturing line has to be shut down.

General Cost

Costs to investigate a property vary widely due to the conditions that are to be investigated. Below are some general fees to visit the site one time only. If additional visits are required by either the client or as a result of findings, you should expect that additional fees will apply. Please understand that the fees below are estimates only and are applied in addition to the minimum fee as stated.

Verification of the placement of radiant heating panels
(based on per room fee)


Investigation for window or door flashing
(based on a per window/door fee)


Moisture intrusion
(based on a per room fee)


Energy loss around the ducting
(based on the average 1500 sq.ft. residence in either the attic or crawl space)


Hourly rate when required due to several concerns


Use of Blower Door for any investigation  


Travel costs
(this is per mile fee and is a portal to portal fee or roundtrip fee after the first 20 miles)


Minimum charge
(this applies to all investigations and includes the first event/investigation)


If any additional equipment or outside services are required for the investigation process, Eagle One Services LLC can make those arrangement and additional fees will be applied plus a 2% markup.