What To Expect

How do you prepare and schedule a buyers inspection?

Once your offer to purchase the property has been accepted by the seller, and escrow has opened, it is time to call us as soon as possible to schedule the physical inspection. How do you schedule and prepare for the inspection? Please consider the following recommendations and guidelines:

1. Schedule the inspection in a timely manner. Most transactions give you “time frames” for inspections, generally one to two weeks. You can either click on the schedule an inspection button, or call our office at (650) 365-4778 during normal business hours. All the information listed below is needed to establish adequate time for the inspection, provide quotes of the fees involved and assure that we can send you the inspection agreement for your review and signature/authorization. The inspection, report preparation and delivery of our findings can not be begun until we have received the signed Agreement and payment arrangements have been made. This can be brought to the site on the day of the inspection. No reports can be released/delivered until we have received your acceptance of the conditions of our inspection agreement.

2. Please be prepared to provide us with the following information.

  • The property address, including nearest cross street.
  • Full name, current mailing address, email address and telephone number(s).
  • The square footage of the building and original year of construction.
  • Foundation type (slab or raised/crawl space).
  • Report any pools, spas, hot tubs, etc.
  • Report any “accessory buildings” (guests houses, apts., pool, houses, etc.).
  • Inform us of any known additions, remodels or modifications to property.
  • Provide your real estate agent’s full name, company, and contact number(s).

3. Make sure there is definite, full access to the property, both interior and exterior. That also means all locks are off gates, electrical panels, garage doors, etc. Unfriendly dogs should be removed from the property or restrained by the seller so as to allow the inspector full access to all aspects of the property. Make sure and verify who will be providing access into the property (sellers, tenants, agents) for the inspection. Be advised that re-inspection fees will be charged for any return trips to the property as a result of items not inspected due to no/limited access.

4. Budget time to attend the inspection. Inspection times vary widely, anywhere from three to six hours, or more, depending on the property size, age, and other characteristics. After obtaining the requested information about the property (listed above), we will be able to provide you with a reasonably close estimate of the time required for the inspection, and the exact costs involved. Payment in full is required at the inspection, in the form of cash, check or credit card. We can bill to escrow for additional fees. Please be advised that inspections cancelled for whatever reason with less than one (1) business day (24 hours) advance notice will be subject to a minimum fee of $150.00, as we typically cannot re-book the timeslot.

You will be receiving two (2) copies of the written report which will also be available from our website in PDF format for a period of two (2) weeks only. To thoroughly understand the report you are instructed/expected to read it in it’s entirely. In addition, the inspector will perform an oral review/summary of the findings while on site, after the inspector has completed the actual inspection and documented the findings. Please understand that Eagle One Services LLC and its inspector(s) reserve commentary until the end, upon which time the inspector will discuss findings, answer your questions and physically show you specific items discovered during the inspection process.